Career Coaching

Employment is a major part of our lives  
Career coaching can help you develop and manage a career that is congruent with your personal and family life.

Here at tmcoaching we can help you identify what you really want out of life – what would really give you satisfaction and allow you feel fulfilled within your career.
Career coaching will enable you to understand who you really are and what motivates your thoughts and behaviour in order to clarify what you most want from your career, also to acknowledge the skills and experience that you have accumulated and how to identify opportunities and areas for development in order to implement the strategies to achieve your career goals.
Career coaching is relevant at any point of your working life not just when you are faced with changes like promotion, a new job, redundancy, retirement, relocation or you might just want to review where you are at present.

Often today's turbulent and fast changing work environment demands more from workers at all levels. As goals, roles and business conditions change, we must learn new skills and become willing to seek out new approaches and thinking to succeed.

My approach is Career Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and Solution Focused decision making.

Benefits of Career Coaching are:
- Improvement of self-esteem and confidence
- Development of existing skills and attributes
- Defining career direction and areas for future development

- Clarity of the steps leading to the successful goal attainment
- Balance in work and home life
- Reinforcement of ethics and beliefs
- Building of fulfilling relationships
- Setting realistic career aims and goals

Working with a career coach will ensure that you don't just stand still – but make the progress you want, 

Business Coaching

Business coaching is a partnership that develops support, structure and strategy for a business owner, manager or company to achieve their goals, encouraging positive growth and the innovate development of individuals and groups.

A business coach can provide support in making improvements and changes so that you or your business are able to perform at a higher level, enabling the implementation of strategies to utilise the most of your time, resources and investments.

Often business coaching is employed when a business is not performing well or not reaching a desired level of productivity, but it is also beneficial to use coaching when a business is successful in order to build on the positive aspects of performance and elements of success to progress to a higher level.

Business Coaching is a process which is action-orientated, the coach won’t tell you what to do or how to run your company as a consultant would, instead the business coach will work with you to help you develop and understand your own specific strategy and direction.

Benefits of business coaching are:
- Enhancement of effective performance
- Clarity of values
- Effective time management
- Confidence of employees
- Customer satisfaction
- Clarity of communication
- Improved production and profitability
- Identifying opportunities for expansion and development
- Focused realistic goal setting and planning
- Positive work environment
- Training and development of skills

Business coaching is a wide ranging resource that can be approached in several different formats, as an individual in one to one sessions, group / team coaching, workshops or seminars.